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The GV18 is a connector developed with osseointegration prosthesis users in mind. Together with users we developed a unique connector which meets the needs of users in terms of safety, ease of use and comfort. It is generally used above the knee and can be provided with a specifically designed extra long offset plate, increasing the offset to 50mm!

Bending safety

A bending safety mechanism was developed by Osseointegration International BV to improve the connectors ability to protect against bending forces. High bending forces caused by could negatively impact the implant and the patient's bone as they cannot always be fully absorbed by the prosthetic knee.

Note: absolute safety can never be guaranteed!

The GV18 serves as a lower limb interface between an osseointegrated implant and a standard commercial prosthesis. The device aims to help restore mobility for amputee patients by providing a link of an artificial extension of the patient's amputated limb. Proximally, the connector is attached to the taper sleeve or anti-rotation locking washer cunstruct of the osseointegrated implant system. Distally, the connector features a standard four-hole pyramid commonly used in the prosthetic industry, allowing it to be attached to a standard leg prosthesis.

GV bending 5.JPG

The GV18 torque safety mechanism helps to optimize the torque applied to the bone-anchor by disengaging at a predetermined level. Once disengaged, the device can easilty be re-engaged with the implant. Different types of failsafe safety mechanisms are available to help with the learning process for new users.

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